Honest Review: Gaurav Madaan’s 77 Days Facebook Ad Course

Gaurav Madaan Facebook Ad Course Review - Learn SMM

Are you interested to master Facebook advertising? Do you wish to build your career in digital marketing? Do you wish to grow your business using digital platforms? Are you a blogger or an affiliate marketer who loves to increase affiliate sales? If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then you are lucky enough as you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I am going to review in detail the 77 Days Facebook ads course by none other than Mr. Gaurav Madaan, a kickass digital marketer, coach & founder of HighonM. A Brief … Read more

Step by Step Guide for Launching Landing Page View (LPV) Optimized Campaign on Facebook

Guide to Launch Landing Page View Optimized Campaign on Facebook

Facebook advertisement is one of the best platforms to drive quality traffic to your website/blog at a reasonable price. All it takes is just 3 steps: Select traffic as campaign objective, choose the target audience, write the ad copy & hit on Publish. That is all one needs to do to drive traffic from Facebook. If you are one of them, who thinks that all it takes is a couple of steps to launch the traffic campaign on Facebook, let me tell you that you are doing it in the wrong way!!! More than 90% of the people forget to … Read more

Create Custom Audience using Facebook Pixel – 3 Simple Steps

create a custom audience using Facebook pixel

If you are finding out how to create a custom audience using Facebook pixel, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I have explained step-by-step the procedure you need to follow to create a custom audience using Facebook pixel, which is one of the ten ways to create a custom audience on Facebook. A custom audience is a group of audience who have already interacted with your business at least once. It can be by engaging with your ad, watching the video you posted on your Facebook page, or viewing a content page by visiting your … Read more

All-Time Beginner’s Guide for Optimizing Facebook Ads

Optimizing Facebook Ads

You read some blog posts, watched a few videos on YouTube, & learned how to launch a paid campaign using Facebook ads manager. That is amazing. You are excited after seeing your campaign got approved from Facebook. Brilliant!! Let me assume that your campaign goal was to generate leads, using Facebook lead ad form.  After a few days, you now have generated quite a good number of leads from your campaign. Congratulations 🙂 You now know how to generate leads from Facebook. But what next? What if the cost per lead (CPL) is high & not as you expected it … Read more

How to Create Lead Generation Campaign on Facebook? [A Beginner’s Guide]

Honest Review: Gaurav Madaan’s 77 Days Facebook Ad Course

Get me leads, leads, quality leads!!! Ensure we have 400 new leads this week. Use whatever channel you want. Here is your target for this month: Increase the top of the funnel leads by 30% by any means. Are you quite familiar with the above lines? Your answer is going to be ‘YES’, if you are working for an agency, or as a budding freelancer providing digital marketing services. And I guess your reaction was: Facebook advertisement is a beast when it comes to lead generation, and is one of the most used types of an ad campaign on Facebook. … Read more

11 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

If you are a digital marketer or a business owner, you might have heard the line “Money is in the List” for more than 100 times.  But do you believe that? Whether you believe or not, the truth is ‘YES.’ Yes, the money is in the list. Check out the screenshot below taken from the Mailchimp email tool of an e-commerce business. The numbers might not amaze you, but it proves that there is money in the list. As you can see, around 4.5% of the store revenue came from the email campaigns done for the existing customers.  In other … Read more

[Setup Guide] Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheet Integration using Automate.io

Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheet integration

Every business generates ‘leads’ daily. It can be to sell the product, service, or to build the email list & nurture it. And Facebook ads is the most preferred platform when it comes to leads generation. If you are a Facebook marketer or a business owner running lead generation ads on Facebook, you know how painful it is to download the newly generated leads in the excel sheet & manually update them on the CRM or to a new worksheet in excel. However, there are quite a good automation tools that come to our rescue. Using these automation tools, we … Read more

Missinglettr Review – A Must-Have Social Media Tool for Bloggers

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers

For most of the bloggers, designing social media creatives, and publishing them on different platforms consumes a hell lot of time, especially when we are part-time bloggers. Content writing, search engine optimization, link building, networking are some of the critical activities that a blogger should be concentrating on. However, more than 90% of the bloggers, including me, are not maintaining & growing our social media platforms just because it is time-consuming. But did you know that social media is one of the top channels for bloggers to build the brand and drive traffic to the blog similar to SEO? Now … Read more

[Solved] How to Install Facebook Pixel on Blogger?

Install Facebook Pixel on Blogger

Facebook pixel is an analytics/tracking tool (similar to Google Analytics) that can be created using the Facebook Ads Manager to use on a website/blog. Facebook pixel helps to track visitors of a website & their activities efficiently. It gives the analytics report to understand better the parameters like daily traffic, traffic source, and time spent on the website, etc. Most importantly, with Facebook pixel bloggers can create a custom audience, lookalike audience, and retarget the visitors (from past 180 days) using Facebook ads. How to Install Facebook Pixel on Blogger For platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, which are used by … Read more

How to Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page

Increase Reach and Engagement of Facebook Page

With changes in Facebook algorithm & the newsfeed priorities, it is now challenging to get organic reach on Facebook posts. Also, the organic reach of Facebook page posts is decreasing day by day. According to the latest reports, the average organic reach of Facebook page posts is just 6.4%. So what is the solution? How can we increase the reach & user engagement of a Facebook page in 2019? In this blog post, I have tried explaining some basic things, which you can consider to increase reach & user engagement on your Facebook page. Talk about your follower’s interests and … Read more