Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Gururaj Murthy Devarangadi, a Facebook marketing consultant based out in Bengaluru. I help businesses to generate leads & sales using Facebook advertisement.

About Learn SMM Blog

β€œLearn SMM” is a small initiative to share my experience, learnings & knowledge on Facebook Marketing/advertisement with you.

What to expect from the blog?

  1. Know How: I love to write detailed blog posts related to the execution of different advertisements on Facebook.
  2. Case Studies: Each & every Facebook campaign is different & there is a lot to learn from the execution of these campaigns. And the learning becomes a case study here in this blog.
  3. Platform updates: Facebook advertisement platform gets improved & evolves day by day based on user experience & need. You can catch all these new updates related to the Facebook advertisement from this blog.

Explore > Learn > Execute > Learn & > Grow^^

I believe that real Growth happens when we start writing a blog on any particular topic.

Let me explain this.

When we share something through blog posts (to the public), we tend to do much research to find different resources (Explore). It can be to support the data, or to cross-check what we are sharing is correct. This exploration helps us to Learn something new, discover something new that adds to “Self-Improvement”. The exploration also helps to find answers to many of our unanswered questions. When we put them (new learnings) in action (execution), we again learn something new. This time the new learning adds to our “Experience”. This experience is what helps us to Grow.

About Me

It’s me – Gururaj πŸ™‚

After graduating, I worked in the solar energy domain for 3 years, where I was handling offline sales & marketing. In 2018 February, I started working as a full-time Facebook Marketing consultant through Digifoster Ad Solutions LLP. I have worked with clients in different domains, including Healthcare, Food, SAAS & Education.

Don’t SELL a product/service to increase sales.

Instead, educate your customers about the value of your product/service, & how it can help in solving their pain. Explain to them what they are going to lose without your product/service & how you are the best in the market.

Below screenshots are from ad campaigns that I executed for my clients. I have included them here not to brag myself, but to build trust with you who might be a first time visitor of this blog. (Zoom in to see clear images)

Lead Generation Campaign with NRIs as target audience for a service company.
Lead Generation Campaign for a B2C client
Page Likes Campaign for a new e-commerce brand.
Lead Generation Campaign for Self-development training institute
Lead Generation Campaign for Self-development training institute

Feel free to leave your feedback (as a comment) about your experience reading the blog posts & especially this section. I will try answering all your queries as much as I can.

My journey continues to master Facebook advertisement πŸ™‚

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  1. It is very good blog. Inspired me a lot. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am also just starting Facebook advertising Agencies based at Chennai. I may require your help in this area.


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