How to Create Lead Generation Campaign on Facebook? [A Beginner’s Guide]

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Get me leads, leads, quality leads!!!

Ensure we have 400 new leads this week. Use whatever channel you want.

Here is your target for this month: Increase the top of the funnel leads by 30% by any means.

Are you quite familiar with the above lines? Your answer is going to be ‘YES’, if you are working for an agency, or as a budding freelancer providing digital marketing services.

And I guess your reaction was:

facebook lead generation campaign
facebook lead generation campaign
facebook lead generation campaign

Facebook advertisement is a beast when it comes to lead generation, and is one of the most used types of an ad campaign on Facebook.

With all the advanced features it has to offer, Facebook’s ‘Lead Ads Campaign’ is every business men’s favourite choice to generate tons of quality leads at affordable prices.

Not just B2C, you can also generate quality B2B leads using Facebook lead generation campaign, provided you know how to play with targeting, ad creative & message that is being conveyed through the ad.

Please note that this is a guide for Facebook lead generation ads using Facebook’s “Lead Forms” campaign goal, and not for other types of lead generation campaigns.

Before jumping into the step-by-step guide on launching the campaign, let us first understand what all you need to create Facebook ads for lead generation:


  1. An Active Facebook Ad Account: You should have an active Facebook ad account: either a personal ad account or a business ad account with a valid payment method.
  2. A Facebook Page: You need to have an active Facebook page to represent the business for which you are generating leads. If you wish to access the leads generated, then you should also have the ‘admin’ access of the page.


A Website: Where will you send Facebook users after they fill the lead form? Having your business website or a blog could help you get some traffic as well, along with leads. However, you can launch a lead generation campaign without having a website as well.

Ad Creative: Using an excellent creative (image) in the ad is one of the significant parameters that impact the performance of your ad campaign. You can use Crello or Canva tools to create stunning ad creatives. The plus point is, both the mentioned tools have got premade designs, especially for Facebook lead ads campaign.

Automation Tool: Once the ad campaign is live, how do you check if you have got a new lead? The only way is to log into the ads manager: either from the PC or from the “Facebook Ads” mobile app.

Facebook won’t send you an email or any kind of notification when a new lead is generated. And the sad part is, you need to download these leads in excel sheet format to get the contact details of the lead.

To make this simple, you can use automation tools such as to get an email whenever there is a new lead generated. Or to integrate the lead directly into your favourite CRM software.

Business WhatsApp: If in case you don’t have a website, you can make use of Business WhatsApp as a call to action button in the lead form. We will discuss more on it later in this post.

Step-by-Step Guide to creating Facebook ads for lead generation

Step 1: “Campaign” Level Overview of Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Once you are landed on the ads manager home page, click on the green color “Create” button at the left side of the screen.

facebook lead generation campaign

This will take you to the campaign initiation screen, where you can see all the ad objectives that one can choose in Facebook ads. You will find the “Lead Generation” objective under ‘consideration’ column as shown in the below screenshot. Just select it and proceed to the next options.

facebook lead generation campaign

Once you select ‘Lead Generation’, the ads manager then shows below options to you. Here you need to name your campaign and can choose other optional features such as ‘Split Test’ &  Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO).

facebook lead generation campaign

With split testing enabled, you get an option to test different parameters of an ad such as ad creative, delivery optimization, target audience & different placements.

facebook lead generation campaign

CBO allows you to spend the campaign budget in an optimized manner across the ad sets present under the campaign. In CBO enabled campaigns, Facebook automatically injects more percentage of your budget to the best performing ad set. This eliminates the manual work of reviewing the low performing ad sets for you.

When you choose CBO, the option to fix daily/lifetime budget gets shifted to campaign level from the default ad set level. Kindly refer to above screenshot for more details.

Please note that you can either choose split test (or) CBO feature here and not both of them.

Step 2: “Ad Set” Level Overview of Facebook Ads for Lead Generation


After naming your ad set, choose a Facebook page through which you wish to run the campaign.

If you are using personal ads manager, all your Facebook pages will be made available here for you to choose. And if you are using the business ads manager, you need to ensure that the business manager has access to the Facebook page through which you wish to run ads.

facebook lead generation campaign

Here I have selected the Facebook page associated with my blog. You can observe that there is an error highlighted at the left side column under the Ad Set level.

This is because I have not accepted the Facebook terms for running a lead generation campaign using this particular Facebook page. Once I read and accept the Facebook terms, this error message will go off as you can observe in the below screenshot.

facebook lead generation campaign

Please note that you these Facebook terms for lead generation ads are specific to Facebook pages and not for ad accounts. You need to accept them at least once for every Facebook page when you run a lead generation campaign.

Dynamic Creative & Catalogue

The other options available in ad set are dynamic creative and catalogue.

‘Dynamic Creative’ feature helps you to use multiple ad creatives, headlines & text associated with your ad.

Based on your inputs, Facebook automatically combines them to create multiple ad copies. And after analyzing the performance data, you can decide the ad copy that you want to continue with.

For example, you can upload 3 images, and can input 3 headlines, and 3 different ad messages. Now Facebook creates a total of 27 ad copies for you to test and find out the best performing ad copy.

facebook lead generation campaign

The catalogue feature, as shown in the above screenshot, is helpful for e-commerce businesses to choose product images & other info directly from the catalogue database.


The next option under ‘ad set’ level is choosing the audience to whom you wish to show the ads.

facebook ads for lead generation

Under the audience, you will have two options: One is to create a new audience, which I am going to show you now. And the other is using an already saved audience.

In the above screenshot, you can also see an option called “Custom Audiences”. This is the place for you to choose a custom audience such as

  • People who have visited your website in the last 180 days
  • People who have used one of your apps
  • Or custom audience based on the customer database that you already have.

If you have already created a custom audience, you can choose them here. Else you can create a new custom audience by clicking on the “Create New” button where I have marked #5 in the above screenshot.

Pro Tip: Consider that you have 3000 likes on your Facebook page, and you don’t want these 3000 people to see your new ad. In such cases, you can create a custom audience by choosing the engaged audience of your page as a custom group. And now you can exclude them from this campaign using the “Exclude” option. Kindly refer to #4 in the above screenshot.

In the locations option, you can list down the cities, states or countries where you want to run the ads. Here you can also choose particular areas of a city as well using “drop pin” option.

Click on “Include” button (#7 in the above screenshot) to change it to “Exclude” and add the places where you don’t want to show the ads.

Based on your product and service, you can narrow down the target audience using age and gender, as shown in the above screenshot (#8 and #9).

You can also choose languages that your target audience speak using the “Languages” feature, as shown in the below screenshot.

facebook ads for lead generation

The next option available in choosing the right audience is “Detailed Targeting”. And this is where you need to be smart enough to be able to find and target your potential customers.

You can simply use the search bar of detailed targeting to find your most preferred audience. Or you can use the “Browse” button (highlighted as #12) to manually go through all the targeting groups available for you to choose.

facebook ads for lead generation

Facebook has categorized its users based on demographics, interests & behaviours. These 3 categories are further divided into multiple groups and subgroups, which helps you to narrow down Facebook users and create the most suitable audience for your campaign.

facebook ads for lead generation

Using detailed targeting, you can select the target audience based on their education, life events, interests, behaviours, etc.

You can choose people who are most engaged shoppers, or one who prefer high-value goods, or people who like Bollywood movies, cricket, politics, etc.

facebook ads for lead generation

You can also exclude selected people using the exclude feature, which is available just below the detailed targeting search bar.

The optional checkmark under detailed targeting (#14) helps Facebook to expand your detailed targeting criteria automatically, provided there’s a chance to reach more users who are likely to fill the lead form. You can keep this option unchecked as it may dilute the quality of leads.

facebook ads for lead generation

The ‘connections’ feature available after detailed targeting helps you to further narrow down the target audience by including/excluding people who are associated with your Facebook page, apps or your past events. Refer the above screenshot for more details.


facebook ads for lead generation

Facebook shows the ads to its users at various placements such as newsfeed, side column, instant articles, instream videos, etc. Though have the liberty to choose where you want the ads to appear, Facebook suggests you choose “Automatic Placements”.

It is good to choose all available placement options initially during the testing phase. Once you get enough results from the test campaign, you should be able to choose the placement that is getting you more results.

I have personally seen “News Feed” placement performing well, especially for the lead generation campaigns. Note that you can also select placements based on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & Audience Network.

Budget & Schedule:

facebook ads for lead generation

This is the place where you choose the budget that you wish to keep on the ad set on a daily or lifetime basis. You won’t get this option here if you have selected CBO at the campaign level.

The other option here is to schedule the ad set. You have options to fix the start and end date of the ad set or to start it as soon as the ad set got approved.

Pro Tip: It is advised to start the new campaigns/ad sets from the beginning of the day so that the system can spend the daily budget equally over the day time.

facebook ads for lead generation

Ad Set Spend Limits: When you choose CBO in the campaign, Facebook automatically decides the budget allocation for each and every ad set based on their performance. If you wish to fix a particular percentage of the budget to an ad set, you can do so using “Ad Set Spend Limits”.  Observe the below screenshot for more details

This completes the details of the options available under ‘ad set’ level of a lead generation campaign.

Step 3: “Ad” Level Overview of Facebook Ads for Lead Generation


This is the place to choose identities such as Facebook page & Instagram account.

facebook ads for lead generation

You have already selected the Facebook page (in step 2) through which you wish to run the campaign. Here you can just choose the Instagram account associated with your business. This account will be used to show ads on the Instagram platform.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can just opt to represent the same Facebook Page even on the Instagram platform.

Ad Format:

For lead generation campaign, you have only two formats to choose:

  1. Carousel
  2. Single Image or Video
facebook ads for lead generation

Carousel format is helpful when you want to show multiple images to tell a story to your audience. Or when you wish to explain the different services you offer, or to display the testimonials, etc.

facebook ads for lead generation
Carousel Ad Format Example

Single Image (or) Video format helps you show an image or a video as part of your ad copy. There is also an option to create a slideshow using multiple images in this format.

Facebook Lead Ads Example
Single Image Facebook Lead Ad Example


The next option in ad level is to choose the media: Image or Video to use in the ad.

facebook ads for lead generation

When you click on “add media” a new screen will open up and this is what you will see.

facebook ads for lead generation

You have four options in the “Image Assets” section:

  1. Account: You can access the images & videos that are associated with your ad account
  2. Stock: Choose images directly from Shutterstock without any additional fee.
  3. Page: Here, you see the images related to the page you have selected in the previous step.
  4. Instagram: You can choose your images from Instagram directly if you have an Instagram account linked to the ads manager.


This section allows you to enter all the details such as the primary text of the ad, display URL, headline of the ad, news feed link description, and then choosing a call to action button such as ‘learn more’, ‘buy now’, etc.

Note that having a display link is optional in lead generation ads. That is the beauty of this ad campaign: You can run the ads without having a website.

facebook ads for lead generation

You will have an option to preview the ad to see how it actually looks. For this, you need to click on the various platform icons as seen in the above screenshot. The other way is to click on the “Preview” button – at the top right side corner in the above screenshot.  From here, you can send a preview link to your mobile, where you can see the actual ad preview.

Instant Form:

It’s time for you to create the Instant Form, commonly referred to as the lead form.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form

Click on the “New Form” button as shown in the above screenshot. This will take you to a new screen where you get multiple options to create your first lead form.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form

Let us take a look at each and every option available in the lead ad form & how you can use them.

Form Type:

There are two options for you to choose in Form Type: More Volume & Higher Intent. You can choose the most preferred one based on the goal of your campaign.

More Volume type of forms won’t be having a review step before someone submits the form. This makes submitting the form quick & easy.

Higher Intent type of forms gives the user an additional step to review the information which he/she is submitting using the form.

Pro Tip: Use ‘More Volume’ type of forms when you are generating leads as part of email list building, or providing a freebie to the lead. You can use this form type where there is no need for you to contact the lead over the phone or when there is no purchase involved.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form

Use the “Higher Intent” type of forms when you are generating leads as part of selling a product/service directly to the leads as and when you get them. Here you should get genuine leads who are really interested in getting your product. So it is better to have an extra step for leads to take time & review the information that they provide.


  1. In “Higher Intent” type of leads, the quality of the leads will be good, and cost per lead (CPL) will also be high.
  2. In “More Volume” type of leads, a little percentage of leads can be dummy/junk, and the CPL will be low.


This is an optional step which you can use to explain more about

  • your product/service
  • the benefits they are going to get from your product/service
  • your USPs, offers, etc.

The number of people who click on the lead form button and who actually fills them varies a lot. You can use this ‘intro’ section to convince your potential customers on why they need to submit the lead form.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form


This is the place where you get the details of the lead: Name, Contact Number, Email ID, etc.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form

Apart from predefined questions such as name, email ID, you can also have custom questions:  one line answers, multiple-choice questions, etc.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form

Privacy Policy:

Since you are collecting the contact details of Facebook users, you should mention your privacy policy clearly in this section.

You can simply copy-paste the privacy policy link from your website in the options provided here in this section. You can also mention a custom disclaimer if you think it is crucial for the product/service which you are selling. You can as well keep the consent checkbox if you want the leads to give their consent before submitting the form.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form
Observe the Consent Checkboxes & how they appear

Thank You Screen

This is the last option available to customize in lead ad forms. This is the screen which is shown to your leads as soon as they fill the form.

You have a headline, description, a call to action button, and other relevant options in the thank you screen.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form

You have three types of call to action buttons: View Website, Download, Call Business.

Using ‘View Website” as a call to action button, you can send the users to a destination webpage to take any further action. Or it can just be used as an encouragement to visit your blog or website.

Using the ‘Download’ button, you can share a link to a document for the leads to download. Using the “Call Business” feature, you can have your phone number as a button. You can ask the leads to call you over the phone to get a quick response or to get exclusive offers.

Once you fill all the details of the lead form as per your requirement, you can click on the “finish” button available at the top right of the screen to save the lead form. Now you will be able to select this lead form as part of your lead ads campaign.

Setting Up Facebook Lead Form

After choosing the lead form, click on the “Confirm” button available at the bottom left of the screen to submit the campaign for review.

You have successfully launched your first lead ad campaign on Facebook.

Facebook takes up to 24 hours to review the campaign and make it live. So please make sure you submit the campaign for review one day before you want the campaign to be live.

I genuinely believe that going through this post helped you to understand how to launch a lead generation campaign on Facebook.

Please do share your feedback over comments below & support my efforts by sharing this article on your favourite social media channel.

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