18 Lesser Known Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads are one of the most used paid ads platforms by businesses around the world. It helps you to build brand awareness, get leads, traffic to your blog/website & even sell your products by showing ads to people who matter most to your business.

Facebook ads look very easy to get started & launch the campaign. All you need is an ads account & a little budget to get started.

However, the real challenge is how well you optimize the ads to get the results you desire.

Facebook ad’s performance largely depends on the audience you target, image (creative) you use in the ad, & the message you convey to the ad viewers. Even if one of them goes wrong, you can’t expect good results from the ad.

This is why it is essential to know as much detail as possible about the Facebook ads platform & how to use it according to your requirement.

In this blog post, I am sharing with you 18 Lesser Known Tricks & Hacks to use in Facebook ads.

So ensure you bookmark this blog post as you might need a quick review while running your next campaign.

Let us take a look: 18 Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Get More Leads Organically from Lead Ads Campaign

A small change in the settings of the lead form, which you use in the lead ads, can get you more leads organically.

Whenever we create a lead form, all we do is add a few questions in the form for people to fill & finish it off. Many of us fail to take notice of the ‘settings’ feature.

If you observe the screenshot below, there is an option called “Form Configuration.” By default, this option is set to “Restricted,” which means this form can only be filled & submitted by people who receive your ad delivery directly.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

To be more precise, when you choose the “Restricted” option, you are directly disabling the “Share” feature in your lead ad.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

People who see your ad won’t be able to share it on their profile, in a group, or even if someone tags their friends in the comments section of the ad, they won’t be able to fill your lead form due to this restriction in the settings.

So the next time you launch your lead ad campaign, ensure you choose “Open” in the Form Configuration settings of the lead form.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

This enables the share option on your lead ad & there are high chances for you to get some leads organically, as well as receive shares, and comments.

All these social signals will help your ad to increase the relevance score of the advertisement as social proof is also one of the ranking parameters.

Avoid Junk Leads from Lead Ads

I have seen many businesses complaining that the quality of the leads they get from Facebook lead ads are low & are junk leads.

Have you also felt the leads from Facebook are junk? If yes, here are two ways through which you can increase the quality of the leads you get from lead ads.

Enable a review step before submitting the form

While creating a lead form, choose “Higher Intent” under the “Form type” section. This will add one more step to review the information for people while submitting the form.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

More the steps you keep in the lead forms, less the number of leads you get & more is the quality of the leads.

In the below screenshot, you can observe how the review step appears to people while submitting the form.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Add Mandatory Short Answer Questions in the Lead Form.

Do you know that you can also add short answer questions & multiple choice questions in the lead form, which people needs to fill before they submit the lead form?

Since Facebook has the contact details of its users, all the fields in the form will be auto-filled, including email ID & contact number. This eliminates the need for manual entry for the person filling this form.

To avoid the drawback of this feature, i.e., getting junk leads, you may add some short answer questions or multiple choice questions so that he/she takes time to manually answer your queries & submit the form if and only if he/she is interested in your products or services.

You can see the short answer questions which I have kept in my lead generation ads from below screenshot

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

We can gauge that the person is really interested in our product/service when he/she takes time & provide the information.

At least they are not time killers who just fill the form to know what your product or service is all about.

Implementing the above two steps in your lead ad might increase the cost per lead, but the quality of the leads will also increase, which is very critical.

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Make Use of the Intro Section in the Lead Form

In the lead form, there is a section called “Intro,” which is optional. It may not be useful in all kinds of lead forms.

However, when you use it in the right way, this can be an ideal place for you to convince your potential customer on why he/she needs to opt for your services.

As shown in the below screenshot, you can choose “Bullets” as the layout of this section, where you get to write up to 5 points about your product/service.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Use Appointment Scheduling Feature of the Lead Form

One of the reasons I keep hearing from businesses is, “Most of the time, leads don’t respond to our calls.”

If you are also facing this problem, here is the best solution for you – Use Appointment Scheduling feature.

Frankly, “Appointment Scheduling” is one of the most underused features of the Facebook lead form. Hence I have included it here in the list of tricks & hacks to use in Facebook Ads

One can add this type of question in the lead form through custom questions option as shown in the below screenshot.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

With this feature, you can ask your lead to enter a date & time, which is comfortable for them to receive a call from your team to follow up on their requirement.

And when you call them at the right time, you can definitely see an increase in the response you get from leads.

This is one more way for you to gauge the seriousness of the lead & the chances of converting him/her into a client.

Integrate WhatsApp Message as Call to Action Button in Thank You Screen

People who submit the lead form get to see a thank you screen after submitting it as a confirmation of the submission.

Thanks to Facebook for giving us the flexibility of customizing this thank you screen as well.

You have an option to write a custom headline, description & a call to action button to place on the Thank you screen.

Plus, you have three types of buttons to choose, which are:

  1. View Website
  2. Download
  3. Call Business
Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

You can make your leads to visit your website, or you can insert a link to download some reports or guides. Alternatively, you can also add your business number & ask the leads to call your business to get a quick response.

You can choose the most suitable call to action button based on your requirement.

Now here is the hack.

There is a fourth call to action button, which you can integrate by modifying the URL that you paste in “View Website” button.

Through this hack, you can enable your leads to directly message you on WhatsApp without them saving your business number on their phone.

Observe the below screenshot to get a better idea.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

It would help if you created a custom URL to insert here in place of ‘website link,’ through which people can send you a direct message on WhatsApp.

Below is a free tool from Postcron through which you can easily create the custom URL required here.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads
Click Here to use WhatsApp Link Generator from Postcron

Insert your WhatsApp number & a pre-filled message for your leads to send it on WhatsApp. And click on the ‘Get Link’ button to copy the link & paste it in the ‘Website Link’ option on the thank you screen as shown in the previous screenshot.

Pretty cool? Isn’t it?

There are chances that people can have their old number or secondary number on Facebook, & in the lead form, you may get their old number if they submit it without observing.

Hence, by enabling the “Message on WhatsApp” option, you can get their updated & primary contact number.

Get Followers to your Facebook Page for FREE

Irrespective of the type of campaign you run on Facebook, you get some engagement on your ad copy. It also includes reactions apart from share & comments.

Facebook gives you an option to invite those people who have reacted to your ad copy.

All you need to do is click on the reactions & invite them. Refer to the below screenshot.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads
Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Offer Ads

If you are running a campaign with traffic (link clicks) or conversion as a campaign objective, then you can make use of ‘offers’ feature available at ad set level.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

After choosing a Facebook page, click on “Create Offer” button to start entering the details of the offer.

As shown in the below screenshot, you can enter all the details of the offer including offer title, a brief description about the offer, validity of the offer, and instructions to redeem the offer.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

You will have three options to choose in place of the promo code. You can leave it with “No Code” option, or you can create one general offer code that can be used by ‘n’ number of people, or you can upload an excel sheet with unique offer codes for each person.

If your website has the infrastructure to create unique offer codes that can be used only once before they become invalid, then you can make use of this feature of Facebook ads platform to share those unique codes.

The other advantage of using offer ads is that Facebook sends a notification to those who save your offer.

Refer to below screenshot to see an example of notification on the Facebook app & email they receive up on saving your offer.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads
Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

The content of this email notification varies based on the type of offer you use: Online offer ads & in-store offer ads.

Use Creative Hub to Check Inspirational Ad Copies

The ‘Creative Hub’ is a place for Facebook advertisers to create mockups of the ad, to check image text, & different ad formats with their specifications.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Apart from the above features, the Creative Hub also has a section where you can see some amazing ad creatives done by advertisers around the world. These ad creatives are categorized based on the type of ads.

You can have a look to get an idea on how you can improve the quality of your ad creatives & make them stand out from your competitors.

Start All New Ads from Beginning of the Day

It is advised to start your new ads from the beginning of the day, instead of any other time.

When you begin the ads from the start of the day, Facebook spends your daily ad budget equally over the 24 hours duration.

And if you start your ad late afternoon or in the evening, your daily budget will be utilized in a short duration, resulting in bad performance of the ad.

So even if you are scheduling the ads, make sure you start them from 00:00.

Make use of Brackets and Emojis to Grab Attention

Since Facebook won’t allow you to use bold, & italic wordings in the ad copy, you can make use of brackets & emojis to grab the attention of the ad viewers.

Refer to below screenshot of an ad copy to get a better idea.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Use Automation Rules to Save the Ad Spend

When you have many ads running parallely, it becomes difficult to keep track of the performance of each & every campaign & the ads.

This is where the ‘Automation Rules’ comes to your rescue.

With the help of pre-defined rules, you can manage multiple campaigns, ad sets & even ads in a much easier way.

The rules can be as simple as getting a notification when the ad frequency reaches a particular number, or it can be turning off the ads when the cost per lead is greater than INR 200, etc.

Take a look at the below screenshot to get an overview of the options available in the rules feature.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

To create a new rule, click on the “Rules” option available in Ads manager home page just below the campaign tab.

Below screenshot is for your reference.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Take help of Audience Insights to unearth new targeting options

Audience Insights is like a gold mine for Facebook advertisers, where one can get detailed insights about the audience to target in the ads.

With the help of audience insights, you can find answers to:

  1. Most preferred age group to target the ads
  2. Other interests of people whom you wish to target
  3. Preferred locations to target & to eliminate.
  4. Relationship status & education level of your audience
  5. Facebook Pages that are likely to be relevant to your audience

Before you start your ad campaign, ensure you get more details about your target audience using ‘Audience Insights’.

This helps you to target the right audience & reduce the cost per result.

Below screenshot gives you the overview of Audience Insights.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Use Location Targeting in a Proper Way

Let us consider an example.

You are setting up an ad to generate leads for one of your clients, who sell home UPS batteries.

And your client can provide service to those, whose place is in that particular city & not in any other locations.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads
Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

In this case, if you just choose your clients’ location in the location targeting and leave the drop down to default option, you might end up showing ads to people who are travelling in that city when your ads are live.

Hence please choose “People Who Live in this Location”, rather than the default option, which is “Everyone in this Location”.

Say suppose you are running an ad to get bookings for a bus or flight, then it is ideal to choose “People travelling in this location”.

This will help you to target people whose most recent location is within the selected area but whose home is more than 200 km away.

Now let us consider one more example.

You have a client who has got 3 food outlets in different areas of a city. And they can provide delivery of food only within 2 km radius from their outlets.

So it is of no use if you show your ad to all those who live in a particular city.

In such cases, you can make use of radius targeting using ‘drop pin’ option on the maps as shown in the below screenshot.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

In a similar fashion, it is also possible to exclude a particular area from showing ads.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Isn’t it good to choose these options based on the requirement of your ad?

Please make use of these features in location targeting the next time you launch the campaign, and ensure your ads are shown to the right group of users and in places which matters more to your business.

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Use Brand Awareness Ads Instead of Post Boost

First, let us understand the difference between brand awareness ad & post boost or reach ad.

When you boost a post from your Facebook page, you are just reaching more number of people with your message. You won’t have the flexibility to choose placement, detailed targeting, etc.

When you use ads manager & choose Brand Awareness as a campaign objective, you get control of detailed targeting, placements, etc.

On top of this, the ads will be optimized to maximize ‘ad recall lift’ number.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Ad Recall Lift is a metric used to measure the effectiveness of the brand awareness campaign.

To give this metric, Facebook surveys a small number of audience who has seen the brand awareness ad & ask them if they remember seeing the ad even after a couple of days.

After reading this & knowing the difference, I believe you won’t be choosing post boosting ad.

Use Shutterstock Images in the Ads for FREE

Did you know that you can use Shutterstock images in your ads for FREE?

Yes, it is possible.

When you are creating an ad, just click on Free Stock Images button under Media section as shown in the below screenshot.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

This will open the Image Assets section where you can search & choose stock images from Shutterstock’s database.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

You are going to love this if you are bad at designing the ad creatives 🙂

However, you won’t be able to insert any texts on the images when you use this option. So this is not the best choice in all the case.

Use “Message on WhatsApp” as a call to action button  

Facebook has started rolling out the feature of enabling “Send WhatsApp Message” as a call to action button in the ads.

According to Facebook’s help article, it should be available to use as a ‘call to action’ button in campaigns with the following objectives: Messages, Traffic, Conversions (for website) and Post Engagement.

However, it was just available in the campaign with video views as an objective at the time of writing this blog post.

Before using WhatsApp message as a call to action, you need to verify your WhatsApp number by entering a code that you get on your WhatsApp from Facebook.

Below screenshots will help you to get a better idea of the process.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads
Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads
Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads
Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Hack to Build Social Proof for an Ad

The amount of engagement that your ad gets is an important factor to gauge the performance of an advertisement.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Visible metrics of engagement such as likes, shares, & comments, help you to impress your audience.

An ad copy with 500 likes, 50 comments & 70 shares is more attractive to the viewer than an ad with 10 likes, 2 comments & 0 shares.

People like to engage with already engaged content.

Similarly, Facebook gives priority to posts with more engagement as it acts as social proof.

So how do you manage to get more engagement on your ad?

What is the hack here?

Before that, you need to know these 3 points:

  1. Each & every ad copy that you create in ads manager will have a unique post ID
  2. You can copy paste this unique ID of the previous ad to use it in your new ad.
  3. It would help if you visited ‘Page Posts’ section using the top left hamburger icon of ads manager to access the ad posts.
Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

If you observe the above screenshot, you can see that two ad copies have a good amount of engagement compared to other ad copies.

Now I can easily copy the post ID of a previous ad & can convert it as a new ad copy without losing the engagement.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

This hack helps you to accumulate the user engagement & build social proof on a single ad & convert it into a best-performing ad copy for you.

This hack won’t work if you wish to make any changes to the ad copy or you need to change the objective of your new ad. So use this hack accordingly to build a social proof of an ad.

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Use Text Instead of a URL in an Ad

While creating an ad, we sometimes feel that there should be some more space to write text apart from Headline & News feed link description.

If you have also felt the need, this hack is for you.

You might have observed that there is a section to display the URL on the ad, which can be different from the actual URL.

Facebook has done to ensure the URL shown to the ad viewer looks professional & to hide ugly UTM parameters.

Now, here is the hack.

You can actually include any text you wish to have in the Display URL section, provided you follow the format of a standard URL.

Please do observe the below screenshot to get a better idea.

Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

If you feel having a text there adds more value, instead of just a URL, feel free to use this space to convey any message to the ad viewers.

Some examples can be:

  • limited.time.offer
  • offer.ends.tonight
  • last.25available.instock

I hope this article was useful to you & helped you to discover some new tricks & hacks to Use in Facebook Ads.

Did you like any particular trick or hack from the above list?

Please do share your feedback in the comments below.

Also, help me by sharing this article on your favorite social media platform.

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