Honest Review: Gaurav Madaan’s 77 Days Facebook Ad Course

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Are you interested to master Facebook advertising?

Do you wish to build your career in digital marketing?

Do you wish to grow your business using digital platforms?

Are you a blogger or an affiliate marketer who loves to increase affiliate sales?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then you are lucky enough as you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, I am going to review in detail the 77 Days Facebook ads course by none other than Mr. Gaurav Madaan, a kickass digital marketer, coach & founder of HighonM.

A Brief about Gaurav Madaan:

If you are in digital marketing space, you may not need his introduction, but for one who doesn’t know him, here is a small brief about Gaurav Madaan, who is going to be your mentor in this course:

  1. 2010 – Stepped into the digital world with blogging 
  2. 2011 – Made his 1st $100 from Google Adsense (didn’t get his money though 😉 )
  3. 2013 – Started Geekotech with two of his friends.
  4. 2015 – Joined DSIM (Delhi School of Internet Marketing) as a trainer, where he trained 2500+ professionals.
  5. 2015 – Made $3138 commissions as an affiliate from JVZoo
  6. 2016 – Launched their first course “Internet Profits”
  7. 2016/2017 – Successfully launched 2 SAAS startups namely ‘LiveSutiePro’ and ‘GramKosh’. Made over $2,50,000 in sales in the 1st week of the launch.
  8. 2018 – Launched 3 other SAAS products in a strategic partnership, which made $350,000 in revenue (combined).
  9. Responsible for making $144,000+ (Rs 1 Crore and counting to be exact) from one Facebook Ads campaign.
  10. Till now he has trained 50,000+ professionals in the digital marketing field (both online and offline combined).
  11. As affiliates, he has done multiple 5 Figure promos for a lot of Products/Vendors.

A Brief About the 77 Days Facebook Ads Course:

The 77 Days Facebook ad course launched by Gaurav Madaan is a unique course in itself, which helps even a newbie to learn the art and science of Facebook advertising.

In this course, you receive one video each day for the next 77 days, which covers a wide range of topics related to FB ads.

Watch the video below from Gaurav Madaan, where he explained in detail about the topics you are going to learn from this course:

77 Days Facebook Ad Course Curriculum & Overview by Gaurav Madaan

At the point when I started to write this review, 3500+ students and professionals are already enrolled in this course and mentioned that they are loving the course.

77 Days Facebook Ads Course from Gaurav Madaan
3500+ Members in Exclusive FB Group for the Learners

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Course Curriculum

The below list gives you an idea of the list of topics/concepts you are going to learn from this course.

  1. Psychology behind ads
  2. Introduction to Facebook
  3. Basics of Facebook (Page, Profile & Groups)
  4. Facebook Policies
  5. Understanding Account Structure
    1. Facebook ads manager
    2. Business manager
    3. Structuring your accounts for winning
  6. Understanding Campaign STructure
    1. Campaigns
    2. Adsets
    3. Ads 
  7. Proper Way to Start a Campaign
  8. Split testing
  9. Types of campaigns and objectives
    1. Brand Awareness
    2. Reach
    3. App Installs
    4. Engagement
    5. Conversions 
    6. Store Traffic
    7. Traffic
    8. Video Views
    9. Lead Generation
    10. Messages
    11. Catalogue Sales
  10. Targeting
    1. Interest Targeting
    2. Hijacking Facebook to find hidden interests
    3. Laser Targeting
  11. Understanding placements and Types of ads
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Messenger
    4. Audience Network
  12. Ad Copy
    1. Short Form
    2. Feature Based
    3. Story based
    4. Long form
    5. Persuasion
    6. Authority
    7. Login
    8. Benefits 
    9. Scarcity
  13. Pixels
    1. Setting up Pixels
    2. Conversions
  14. Audience
    1. Creating an audience from data
    2. Lookalike audience
    3. Creating an audience from pixels
    4. Creating an audience based on LTV
  15. Ad Creative
  16. Remarketing
  17. Scaling
    1. CBO Secrets
    2. Using lookalikes to scale 10X faster
  18. Playing with Algorithm
    1. Hide & Seek
    2. Stop Today, Start Tomorrow
  19. Campaign Fixes
  20. Automated Rules
    1. Scale Win
    2. Stop Loss
    3. Surfing CBOs with Revealbot
  21. Facebook Analytics
  22. Case Studies
    1. 45,000 Leads
    2. $150000 

Why Facebook Ads?

If you master Facebook ads, you get a lot of options to choose & make your life:

  1. Build your career: Facebook advertisers are the most in-demand marketers in the digital marketing domain, due to its advantages. Each and every business, be it a service based, product based, B2B, B2C, SMEs, MNCs – you name any business, there is a need of a Facebook marketer. By mastering this skill you will have 100s of companies willing to offer you a job.
  2. Work as a Freelancer: Do you hate 9-5 job? Then you should learn Facebook ads without giving it a second thought. You can start working as a freelancer and provide your services to companies, on Fiverr.com, etc. All you need is a laptop, good internet connectivity, and little fund to run ads to get your first project.
  3. Work as a Consultant: Well if you think Freelancers are not paid good, then you can also work as a professional consultant (which I am doing right now) to offer Facebook ads as a service. This is my favorite as it helps you build your own identity and also gives you the freedom from 9-5 job. 
  4. Start your own Facebook ad Agency: If you know how to run facebook ad campaigns, then the sky is the limit for the opportunities. If you love to be an entrepreneur & grow your startup, you can do so by learning Facebook ad skills. I personally know people who are running their own agencies in the digital marketing domain and offering Facebook ads as a service to their USA & UK clients.
  5. Be an Affiliate Marketer: Gaurav Madaam himself earns $$$$ by being an affiliate of many awesome products and also sold his own SAAS products using Facebook ads. Facebook advertisement is one such platform through which you can drive tons of quality traffic to your sales pages optimized for affiliate sales. All you need is the skills of Facebook advertisement, funnels & copywriting. 
  6. Start a Blog on Facebook Ads: Just like me you can also start blogging about Facebook ads and share your knowledge about Facebook ads with the world. The best part is, you will also learn other skills in digital marketing when you start blogging.
  7. Start your own Dropshipping business: Dropshipping is one of the booming businesses in 2020 and beyond. And almost all dropshipping stores are dependent on Facebook ads to drive targeted traffic and sell the products.  
  8. Be a Trainer: Do you love helping others? Do you have a trainer in you? Once you learn Facebook ads, & master it with a couple of years experience running your own ad campaigns, you can be a trainee & earn a handful of money. You can do it as a part-time job as well.
  9. Make your own course: Well, you might need a good experience and in-depth knowledge of Facebook ads for this, but all great things start from small actions you take. This “77 days Facebook Ad Course” could be your first step towards it.

The above list is just a few options that I have covered. Once you learn Facebook ads, it all depends on your thought process & research on the number of ways you can earn money using Facebook ads.

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Who can join this course?

  1. Digital marketing enthusiasts – If you are looking to kickstart your journey in digital marketing, this is going to be your best investment to date & in the future also.
  2. Bloggers – With Facebook ads you can drive targeted traffic to your important blog posts and increase affiliate sales.
  3. Students – Looking to build your career in Digital Marketing? Enroll in this course without a second thought, and trust me, you are going to thank me later for introducing this course to you. 
  4. Freelancers – Learn Facebook ads and provide it as a service to your clients. Get more projects.
  5. Business Owners – For you, it is a must since your revenue depends on the leads, and sales, both of which can be achieved if you master Facebook ads.
  6. Entrepreneurs – Launching a new product? Need beta testers? Need 1st line of customers? Then Facebook advertisement is the best option that you have. 
  7. Differently abled persons – Well, digital marketing is one such beautiful domain which ANYONE can learn and start earning by comfortably sitting at their home, irrespective of the location. And this course might opens up a door of opportunity to learn and start earning, even if you are a differently abled person. 

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Why you should invest in this course?

In the last two years of my experience as a Facebook marketing consultant, I have come across many courses on Facebook advertising. Some of them are crap and some really helped me to gain amazing knowledge.

This is one such course that helps you to gain truly incredible knowledge on Facebook ads even though you are a newbie to this niche. Below I have mentioned a few points which help you understand why you should invest in this course:

  1. Learn from the expert – When you join offline training institutes, you might get trained by an experienced Facebook marketer, but not from an expert. However, here in this course, you have an opportunity to learn Facebook ads from an expert who has spent millions of rupees in running ads and generating mind-blowing ROAS to his business & for his clients. 
  2. Basics to Advanced – Even if you are a beginner, this course helps you to learn many basic concepts of FB ads, and even covers advanced techniques such as CBO, scaling the ads, etc. 
  3. Well designed learning path – This is not one of such courses, where you learn from 100s of videos from your dashboard. Here you get access to one video each day for 77 days, which covers the entire Facebook ads. So you can watch each video a day, understand the concepts, and ask your queries in the private community and get them answered by Gaurav Madaam himself. 
  4. Lifetime Access to the videos – The advantage of investing in digital courses is you will have access to the course videos for a lifetime so that you can watch them multiple times if required at your comfortable time.
  5. Course Completion Certificate – Even though certificates are not that valuable nowadays, if you are a job seeker they might help you to get recognized & stand out from 1000s of other resumes as you will get the certificate from Gaurav Madaan’s brand “HighonM”.
  6. Templates & Cheatsheets – You will get templates & cheatsheets related to FB ads as part of the course. These will help you make your learning and execution easier especially when you are new to Facebook ads.

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Unique Features of this course (As I Observed):

1. The Price Tag: Trust me, the price of this course, which is INR 1,999, is nothing when compared to the knowledge you get from the course. Even if you do the due diligence, I bet you won’t get any in-depth courses on FB ads at this price point. And the same course is easily worth more than INR 30,000. People who know Gaurav Madaan and following him for years will still enroll in this course even if he charges INR 30,000 for this course. That is the kind of value he delivers which I myself have witnessed.

So, you might think why is he giving away the course for such a low price, when it can be sold at a higher price.

Let me explain it from my point of view and what I have observed. 

  • He is a guy who mastered the art of scaling the business. Be it a course, a SAAS product, or an affiliate product, he knows the art of scaling it to reach $$$$$.
  • Now imagine 1000 people enrolling in this course by paying INR 1999. This itself will be around INR 19,99,000. At the time of writing this post, there were 3500+ enrolled students. Note: The course was available for INR 777 till recent times. So not all 3500 students have paid INR 1999.
  • The number of people who enroll in the course @ price point of INR 30,000 & INR 1999 varies largely. The more the people you have for the course, the more would be the reach, brand and ultimately value of his brand increases to a great extent.
  • LTV: I am equally confident like Gaurav Madaan that you will definitely enroll in his other course after discovering the value he is delivering from this 77 days FB ads course. So it is a game of LTV – Life Time Value of a customer. 

2. The Community: You have an opportunity to join his exclusive community of Facebook ads course enrolled people, where you can ask any of your questions related to Facebook ads and get them answered by Gaurav Madaan himself. 

This is one such wonderful community where he is striving hard to answer each and every question of the learner within no time.

Finding an exclusive Facebook group when you join a digital course is quite common. But I have not seen anyone solving the queries of their students in such an active mode and by trainer themselves.

Usually, you find their team members answering your query. Here it is not the case. Gaurav Madaan himself answers your queries. How cool is it?

3. Authenticity & Transparency: You will find the course authentic in all angles, be in delivering the value that he has promised, sharing knowledge, answering student queries, etc. Also, I have seen him being 100% transparent whenever someone asks queries. No hiding, no misguiding, no scams (as done by “some” of the other so called digital marketing Gurus) & pure value addition and that is his whole tribe trust him, including me 🙂

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Screenshots from the Learners Community

I want you to actually look at some of the screenshots from Gaurav’s A-Team which is a Facebook group he has created to help you ask your queries and share updates about the course.

Just look at the below screenshots to understand how quick and transparent is he to help you master Facebook advertisement.

Gaurav Madaan Facebook Ad Course Review
Quick Response to Student’s queries
Honest Review: Gaurav Madaan’s 77 Days Facebook Ad Course
He gives a detailed and transparent answer to your queries
Gaurav Madaan Facebook Ad Course Review
Quick Response to Student’s Queries
Gaurav Madaan Facebook Ads Course review
He gives a detailed and transparent answer to your queries

Feedback from Current Learners of this Course

Check out a few feedback that he has received from his current students of this course

Facebook Ad Course from Gaurav Madaan
Review from a current student of his course
Facebook ad course from Gaurav Madaan
Review from a current student of his course
Facebook ad course from Gaurav Madaan
Review from a current student of his course
feedback Facebook ad course from Gaurav Madaan
Facebook ad course from Gaurav Madaan - detailed review
Trust Pilot Rating for Gaurav Madaan
Gaurav Madaan’s Trust Pilot Rating

If you are willing to be an expert in Facebook advertising, then this is where you should kickstart your journey: Enroll Now to Gaurav Madaan’s 77 Days Facebook Ad Course.

Exclusive Bonus

Here is my exclusive bonus when you signup for Gaurav Madaan’s Facebook ad course using any of the links provided in this post.

I am going to give you two of my ebooks: ABCs of Email Marketing & Email List Building using Facebook Ads worth INR 748 in total.

Honest Review: Gaurav Madaan’s 77 Days Facebook Ad Course
Email List Building using Facebook Ads

I sell these ebooks for INR 249 & INR 499 respectively. However, you will get them for 100% FREE as a bonus if you enroll in the Facebook ad course from Gaurav Madaan.

All you need to do is, signup for the course & share with me the payment receipt on gururaj@learnsmm.com & I will send you the 100% OFF coupon code to get the ebooks. You need to share your payment receipt the same day for me to track it and share the bonus with you.

Have any queries?

Comment on this post and I would be happy to help you.

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18 thoughts on “Honest Review: Gaurav Madaan’s 77 Days Facebook Ad Course”

  1. Hey Gururaj bro,
    It’s really a nice and in-depth post about the use of facebook ads. This post helps in understanding the need for Facebook ads and How we can learn it.
    Eagerly waiting for the next post from you.
    Thank u

    • Hello Kishore, glad to know you liked the post. And yes, I will keep publishing posts on a regular basis. So keep visiting my blog 🙂

    • Hello, please note that this is just a review post on the course. If you have purchased the course, you will get the course access from Gaurav Madaan or from his team. And I will send you the bonus as promised in this blog post as soon as you send the purchase details.

      Hope it is clear. Let me know if you have any queries.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Honest Review of the course i have purchase this course and i Start learning all the basics of the Facebook Ads.
    Sir I have a question about Is it possible to lunch a digital product at low price ?

    Please Reply me sir.

    • Hello Sonu, the pricing depends on the value you are providing to your buyer. Position your product in such a way that the pricing of it should not be an issue to the buyer, then only you will be able to sell it.

      I hope you got the point.

    • Hello Amit,

      This course helps anyone who wish to learn and execute Facebook ads on their own, irrespective of the niche.

  3. Hi ,

    This wrt 77 Days Facebook Ads Course.

    I understand that I’ll be receiving one video each day for the next 77 days.

    I want to know if I can go back to earlier video later at my convenience. for e.g. On 5th day, I want to go back to 2nd day video for reference … can i do that?


    • They will give you and in fact I have got mine. If you face any issues, please contact them and I am sure you will get it.

  4. I was very useful course who want to learn Facebook ads i am also one of the student of him.

    You wrote the honest review Thanks for the post Gururaj Murthy D

  5. Really appreciate your effort

    My Questions are :-

    1. Would I (complete beginner) able to I able to to get high paying client and retain them?
    2. Could I (complete beginner) start my Agency with 0 money to test ADs?


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