How to Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page

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With changes in Facebook algorithm & the newsfeed priorities, it is now challenging to get organic reach on Facebook posts. Also, the organic reach of Facebook page posts is decreasing day by day. According to the latest reports, the average organic reach of Facebook page posts is just 6.4%.

So what is the solution? How can we increase the reach & user engagement of a Facebook page in 2019? In this blog post, I have tried explaining some basic things, which you can consider to increase reach & user engagement on your Facebook page.

Talk about your follower’s interests and not your business

You need to understand what your page followers are expecting from you. If you are handling a business page, don’t just post updates about your company’s products/service & ask your followers to buy them.

Instead, tell them how your company’s product or service help them to solve their real-time problems. Describe what advantages they get with your product or service. Give some real examples and case studies of people who have opted for your product or service.

Try to dissolve fun, emotion, or entertainment in your posts if possible. It makes your reader engage with your page content, & they might as well share the post if they find it interesting.

Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page
Engagement on a post published on one of my clients’ Facebook page.

Upload Native Content

Always try to keep users inside Facebook and don’t make them visit a website or any other platform, only if you need to achieve something great.

If you have any videos, try uploading them directly on facebook page itself rather than sharing a YouTube link. Facebook algorithm is in such a way that preference is given to native content, and Facebook doesn’t like you if you are trying to take the users away from their platform.

So instead of posting external links on Facebook all the time, you need to limit it: Say around 70:30. 70 being native content, and 30 being external links that you want your followers to visit a blog post, your website, or a YouTube channel. However, you can change it according to the response you get from your followers.

How to Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page in 2019

Posing Calendar & Consistency

Publish posts that speak different topics related to the niche of your page.

For example: On Sundays, you can post on #SundayFunday topics. Monday on #inspirationposts, Tuesday could be on #facts & Wednesday concentrate on #Mythbusters. Thursday you can share something related to history. Friday, post an update on current trends & Saturday post something about your experience, or you can also promote content from other pages related to your niche.

The daily topics that I have mentioned are for you to get a better idea & you can plan the topics that are related to your niche.

Below screenshot is from a social media posting calendar I maintain for one of my clients from Ayurveda healthcare industry. You can observe how I have planned the topics, which are related to Ayurveda & healthcare niche.

Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page
Facebook Page Content Calendar

Having a well-planned posting calendar not only makes your work easier (by preparing & scheduling posts well in advance) but also helps you to publish posts consistently. Consistency is what your followers expect & helps you to build a brand & stay on top of their mind.

If you are posting inspirational quotes on Monday, your followers expect to see it every Monday & not when you are inspired to publish a post.

Create & build hashtags for your brands, something Like #MondayInsiprationWithXYZ (XYZ is your brand name). You are the one who should ensure your followers love the content that you post & they are very thirsty to consume your content.

Study Followers’ Interaction with Your Page

You need to understand how your followers are interacting with posts you publish on the page. Answer the below questions to yourself:

  1. How many people are reacting to my posts?
  2. When is maximum engagement happening with the posts?
  3. What time my followers are online to see the posts?
  4. What kind of posts on my page is getting more user engagement? Is it post with a picture, post with a video or just a text update, or something else that is getting more engagement?

If you can find out the answers to the above questions, then you can make wise decisions to improve the engagement of your posts, and you can also reach more people without any paid promotion. Plus, it helps you or your organization to save much money.

So from where will you find the required data to support the questions mentioned above?

Social media brands like Buffer, Hootsuite & others have done many studies to figure out the best time & day to post on a Facebook page. Below are some points from their studies:

  1. Buffer: The best time to post to Facebook is between 1 pm – 3 pm during the week and Saturdays. They also found that engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.
  2. Hubspot: On average, the best time to post across industries is 9:00 AM, when people are just starting work and going online for the first time. The best days to post on Facebook are Thursday to Sunday.
  3. CoSchedule: They have dug deeper & analyzed the best times to publish on a Facebook page based on industry. Below screenshot shows the summary of their results.
Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page
Best Time to Publish on Facebook page for different industry verticals.

If you observe, almost every study reveals a different best time to post on Facebook for maximum reach & engagement. So it is advised to depend on this data only during the initial days of your Facebook page.

Once your page grows, you can refer the insights feature available for page owners to answer the questions like the best time to post for engagement, reach, etc.

How to Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page in 2019

Understanding Facebook Page Insights

The best time and days to publish posts on a Facebook page, which we saw just now is based on insights data of millions of pages that are considered from different places during the survey. However, user behavior won’t be the same everywhere. So we need to check and understand user data of our page followers.

Below is a screenshot of the insights tab of a Facebook page, which I handle for one of my clients. I am considering this page to show real insights, as this page has ~10k likes, & there is enough data (insights) from this page, which we can observe and study here.

Finding Best Time to Publish Post for Maximum Reach

To get the data on the performance of your page, you need to visit the insights tab and select posts option from the left side. Click on “when your fans are online” option.

Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page
(zoom in for clarity)

In the above screenshot, you can see the “data shown for a recent 1-week period”. Here you can see on which day your posts are reaching more people.

For this page, posts published on Wednesday have the maximum reach of around 8287. In other days of the week, the reach is around 8160, 8200, etc. So the reach is almost the same considering the last week period. However, it might vary by a large percentage in some cases. So it would help if you considered that.

If you observe the time when the posts are reaching to more people, you can see that the posts published at 9 AM & 11 PM are performing better compared to posts published during other time intervals.

So based on this data, you need to decide the best time and day to post updates on your page to get maximum reach organically.

You will be able to see this data on your page after you publish a good number of posts and have got 1000+ likes to your page. This helps Facebook to analyze the data and give you the proper insights.

Until then, you can experiment by posting in random time intervals & different days, or you can use the suggestions from the studies from social media brands, which I shared in the last section.

Finding the Post Format to Get Maximum Engagement

Now select the “Post Type” from the available options, where you can see what kind of posts are getting more reach and engagement on your page.

Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page

Here we can see on this page posts with a link are performing better compared to other types of posts. Posts with a photo have got 455 reach and 32 engagement and followed by video posts that have got 28 engagement.

When we consider the performance metrics (average all over the world) by post format, it is video post that is performing better in terms of reach & engagement. However, it looks like this page audience is more engaging in posts with a link, considering the last week data.

This data tells you what your audience like more and how they react to your posts. Based on this data, you can decide what kind of posts to publish on your page to ensure you get more engagement & reach.

Make use of this insight in all possible ways and post updates accordingly as this data is based on your previous posts and your audience. This is a genuine data that you won’t get anywhere else.

How to Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page in 2019

Spy on Performance of your Competitor

Here you can add your competitors’ pages to keep track of the total page likes, what is the increase in page likes from last week, how many posts they have done in one week, & what is the engagement they got on the posts.

Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page
Visit “Overview” tab under Insights section. Scroll down till end to find “Pages to Watch” feature.

If you observe the page performance here, the page titled “Ayurveda by Curejoy” with 9.9 million likes has got an engagement of 1.1 million by publishing 185 posts over a week.

This section “Pages to Watch” gives you a complete overview of how your competitor is performing on their Facebook page. You can check how active they are, what is the engagement that they are getting. You can also calculate the engagement rate to that of followers & number of posts.

Who like your page, and whether they are interested to see and engage with your posts is very important. It is of no use if you get page likes from bots or third-party platforms. The only way to increase page likes & followers is through organic methods &  by Facebook ads.

Engagement will generally be low if you don’t have the right audience, or if you post irrelevant updates on your page which your followers don’t like. In both cases, your page performance will be affected. So choose the right audience and post relevant updates to get good engagement on your posts.

Finding Best Performing Posts from Competitor’s Page

You can also check the top performing posts from “pages you watch”. This is a unique feature of the Facebook page that you will like as a business person or if you are handling a business page. Here you can see which post from your competitor’s page is performing well over a period of 1 week.

Say, for example, an admin of Zomato’s Facebook page can see which post on Swiggy’s Facebook page is performing well in last week & vice versa.

After adding your competitor’s Facebook page in “pages to watch section”, go back to the posts tab under the insights section. Click on “top posts from pages you watch” option.

Increase Reach & Engagement of a Facebook Page

As shown in the above screenshot, you will be able to see which post from your competitor’s page is performing well in the present week. You can also see on which date and time they have posted it.

Since you and your competitors are of the same industry, this data will give you an idea on what your followers are interested in and what the industry is discussing currently. You can refer this to get an idea on content to publish.

Points To Remember

Here are some points to remember & follow to get good engagement & reach:

  1. Talk about your follower’s interests and not your business.
  2. Upload content natively on the Facebook page.
  3. Have a Posting Calendar & publish content consistently.
  4. Study followers’ interaction with your page using Facebook page insights
  5. Spy on the performance of your competitor’s page to understand what kind of content is working for them.

I hope this blog post will help you to increase reach & engagement on your Facebook page. Please do share your feedback on this post in the comments section below.

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