Install Facebook Pixel on WordPress in 8 Easy Steps

How to Install Facebook Pixel on WordPress

Facebook pixel is an analytics/tracking tool (similar to Google Analytics) that can be created using the Facebook Ads Manager to use on a website/blog. Facebook pixel helps to track visitors of a website & their activities efficiently. It gives analytics report to understand better the parameters like daily traffic, traffic source, and time spent on the website, etc. Most importantly, with Facebook pixel website/blog owners can create a custom audience, lookalike audience, and retarget the visitors (from past 180 days) using Facebook ads. How to Install Facebook Pixel on a WordPress Blog/Website One can install Facebook pixel on any website … Read more

18 Lesser Known Tricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

This is a must-read blog post for Facebook adTricks & Hacks to Use in Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most used paid ads platforms by businesses around the world. It helps you to build brand awareness, get leads, traffic to your blog/website & even sell your products by showing ads to people who matter most to your business. Facebook ads look very easy to get started & launch the campaign. All you need is an ads account & a little budget to get started. However, the real challenge is how well you optimize the ads to get the results you desire. Facebook ad’s performance largely depends on the audience you target, image (creative) … Read more