Missinglettr Review – A Must-Have Social Media Tool for Bloggers

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For most of the bloggers, designing social media creatives, and publishing them on different platforms consumes a hell lot of time, especially when we are part-time bloggers.

Content writing, search engine optimization, link building, networking are some of the critical activities that a blogger should be concentrating on.

However, more than 90% of the bloggers, including me, are not maintaining & growing our social media platforms just because it is time-consuming.

But did you know that social media is one of the top channels for bloggers to build the brand and drive traffic to the blog similar to SEO?

Now here is a piece of exciting news for all of us!!

I am using a tool called Missinglettr through which I have scheduled social media posts for the next 365 days by spending just one day.

This tool has saved me more than 182 hours of precious time by automating social media posts and even keeps the content 100% relevant to my blog audience.

As you can see in the below screenshot, many bloggers said that they share their blog posts on social media only when they publish it, and again only after when there is an update to it.

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers

The other advantage of the Missinglettr tool I use is that it also gets FREE traffic to my old blog posts now and then for the next one year – so I don’t need to think about re-sharing the old blog posts on social media channels. Without this tool, the old posts otherwise would have got buried.

Interesting. Isn’t it?

Now let’s get into the details of the tool.

Missinglettr Review: The Best Social Media Tool for Bloggers to Increase Traffic and Save Time

What is Missinglettr?

Missinglettr is a tool that is developed especially for bloggers like us, which automatically turns our blog posts into engaging social media campaigns.

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers
Homepage of Missinglettr Tool

Missinglettr is designed for the very purpose of helping bloggers save time and also get more traffic, both of which are some of the most critical problems that all of us as bloggers are facing today.

How does Missinglettr work?

Missinglettr can be used to create automatic social media posts from our blogs that are published on any of the major blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, wix.com, ghost, Medium, and Squarespace.

Once connected, the tool automatically detects the new posts on our blog and creates a series of social media posts by analyzing the blog content.

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers
Missinglettr Automatically Detects New Blog Posts

The tool prefills the social media posts with quotes from our article, along with relevant hashtags and images. 

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers
List of Campaigns that are Pending Review in My Missinglettr Dashboard
missinglettr review

As you can see in the above screenshot, the tool has converted the blog content into shareable quotes and fact lines.

Once the tool creates the posts, we just review them, and make edits if required and approve – as simple as that.

The best part is that we can also upload custom images, or edit the auto-created image. This makes Missinglettr not just a social media post creator and traffic generator but also a social media scheduling tool.

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers
Missinglettr gives us the option to change the bubble quote, edit the text, & to Upload Images

Once we approve the social media posts, we now schedule them to get published across our blog’s social media profiles like Facebook page, Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn (and more coming soon) over the next one year.

Who is Missinglettr Made for?

Missinglettr is specially designed for bloggers like us to save time managing and to grow our social media accounts, and at the same time, bring more traffic from social media platforms.

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Features of Missinglettr

Automatic Social Campaigns

One of the biggest problems for bloggers is we don’t get regular traffic to our posts from social media as they don’t stay long there. All major social media channels are crowded and get millions of fresh content every day.

In the current scenario, Missinglettr is one such tool that efficiently solves this problem. It converts our blog posts into tens and hundreds of social media posts, and then drip feeds them across our social media channels at different intervals over one year.

Optimized Social Content

Along with preparing the content to post on social media channels, the tool also creates attractive images in the form of bubble quotes along with the images that we have used in our blog posts.

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers
Sample Bubble Image with Quote Created by Missinglettr Tool

Promote Guest Posts

As I mentioned earlier in this post, this tool extracts our blog posts from all major platforms like WordPress and Medium.

But what if we have written a guest post and want to promote it to our audience? No worries at all!!!

In this tool, we can also drip feed the social media posts by converting any article on the internet by just pasting the URL. The rest all remain the same.

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers
Missinglettr Converts Any Blog Posts on the Internet into Social Media Posts

Now we also have the option of promoting our guest posts published on high authority blogs to our audience over the next year. Sweet 🙂

Hashtag Recommendations

We all know how important it is to use relevant hashtags while publishing posts on different social media platforms.

This tool goes one mile extra and recommends a few most relevant hashtags based on the topic of our blog posts. Plus, we can add/delete the tags as per our requirement. Everything is crisp and clear.

Missinglettr Review
We can Add/Delete the Hashtags that are related to the Blog Post being Promoted

Content Templates

As bloggers, many of us have our unique style of publishing the content on social media platforms to have an identity for our brand.

We can have that same style here in the Missinglettr tool as well while publishing the content on autopilot.

“Content Templates” section gives us an option to predefine the content style that we want the tool to follow when it publishes the content on our social media channels.

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers
Missinglettr Allows us to Add/Edit the Content Templates to use in the Social Media Posts

Schedule Template

By default, Missinglettr plans to drip feed (publish) every blog post over one year. However, if we need any of our blog posts to be shared over six months, two months, or in just two weeks, we can do so using the custom schedule templates.

We have complete control of adding/deleting the number of days the article gets drip published.

Missinglettr Review for Bloggers
Option to Choose Scheduling Templates or Create a New Template

Medium Repurposing

Many of us have a practice of publishing our top blog posts from our main blog on the Medium platform. This helps us to reach a new set of audience and get more traffic.

How about automating this process?

Missinglettr helps us save time by giving an option of auto-publishing our posts on the Medium platform.

Missinglettr Review
Feature to Re-publish Blog Posts on Medium Platform

Client Approvals:

Missinglettr also gives us an option to collaborate with someone from whom we can take feedback before the campaigns get posted on social media – It can be our client, our co-blogger, or someone else.

All we need to do is enter the email ID, and Missinglettr then invites them to review the campaign.

Missinglettr Review
Preview of an email that goes out to the co-blogger/client for review

Custom URL Shorteners 

Missinglettr also gives us the analytics on the clicks that happened on our links posted on different social media platforms. By default, the tool uses its URL shortener.

However, we also have the option of using our favorite tools like bit.ly, JotURL, short.cm, Pixelme, Replug, and more. We can also set UTM parameters to track the click using Google Analytics.

Missinglettr Review
List of URL Shorteners that Missinglettr Supports

Branded Imagery 

With Branding settings, we can customize the content and images to reflect our blog’s brand.

We have the option of choosing the pre-built themes or customizing backgrounds, fonts, colours, and our logo to match our brand.

Missinglettr Review
Options to Customize the Theme, Background that matches our Brand

Inbuilt Analytics

Usually, we need to depend on bit.ly dashboard or Google Analytics to check the amount of traffic that we are getting to our blog from different social media channels.

But once we connect the blog to Missinglettr, we can see the number of clicks we are getting on our social media posts using the tool’s dashboard.

Missinglettr Review
Preview of Analytics Dashboard from Missinglettr

Get Missinglettr Tool at 50% OFF

Click on the below button and subscribe to any plan of Missinglettr tool at flat 50% OFF for the first three months. This is an exclsive offer for my blog readers, which you won’t get even on their official website.

Missinglettr Setup Guide

We can setup Missinglettr in just five steps.

Once we finish this, the tool takes 1-2 minutes to analyze the blog posts contents and gives us a list of campaigns to review and schedule.

Step 1: Setting up the Basics

As a first step, we need to enter our blog’s brand name & the URL of the blog post which you wish to start promoting on social media.

Next, we need to connect the social media profiles of our blog where we want Missinglettr to publish the posts.

Missinglettr Tool Setup Guide
Missinglettr Tool Setup Guide

As of now, Missinglettr supports to publish posts on Facebook groups, Facebook pages, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Step 2: Defining the Time to Publish Social Media Posts

As a next step, we need to define our most preferred time slots for Missinglettr to publish our posts. We can add/delete the time slots and this can be customized for different social media channels.

Missinglettr Tool Setup Guide

Step 3: Branding & Theme Setup

As a final step, we need to enter the details of our blog’s brand & choose the most suitable theme from the available options.

Missinglettr Tool Setup Guide
Missinglettr Tool Setup Guide

This completes the setup of the Missinglettr tool and our campaign would be ready to review and publish.

Missinglettr Tool Setup Guide

Missinglettr Advantage for Bloggers

  • Save hours of time and increase the blogging productivity
  • Create share-worthy images to publish on social media using quotes from blog posts.
  • Generate FREE traffic from social media with one time efforts
  • Recirculate the old posts and keep the audience engaged
  • Consistency is the key to success – Missinglettr helps to achieve it.
  • Grow social media accounts and build the brand with less efforts.
  • Helps to build authority on social media
  • Promote guest posts written on any blog on the internet with your social media followers.
  • Automatically detects new blog posts and alerts you for the campaign review.

Missinglettr Pricing Plans

Missinglettr comes in three different plans named as Blogger ($15 per month), Business ($47 pm), Agency ($147 pm).

The major difference between the plans is the ability to connect multiple sources, the number of social media profiles, the number of scheduled posts & the number of users.

There are other little features that vary based on the plans, which you can check on their official website to decide the best suitable plan.

Get Missinglettr Tool at 50% OFF

Click on the below button and subscribe to any plan of Missinglettr tool at flat 50% OFF for the first three months. This is an exclsive offer for my blog readers, which you won’t get even on their official website.

Missinglettr Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

Easy to setup & use
Gets FREE traffic to old blog posts from social media
Saves a lot of time
Creates attractive bubble quotes.
AI & ML based post content creation.
Provides a deep level of customization.
Quick & 5-star support during the weekdays.
Can’t depend on hashtag suggestions and the popularity score given by the tool
Instagram, Pinterest, and GMB are not yet available – still on the roadmap.
Support is a bit late during the weekends – Particularly for the basic plan users.

Summary – A Gold Mine for Bloggers

It’s truly a must-have tool for all bloggers in order to save a lot of time, build a brand on social media, and get traffic from different channels on autopilot. The tool is as good as having a social media executive working for growing your blog.

Exclusive Offer: Get flat 50% OFF for the first three months period when you subscribe to Missinglettr from the above button. This is an exclusive offer to my blog readers & you won’t get this offer even on their official website.

Exclusive Bonus

Here is my exclusive bonus when you signup for a paid plan of Missinglettr tool using any of the links provided in this post.

I am going to give you one of my ebooks titled ABCs of Email Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide to Kick start Email Marketing in 2020

missinglettr review

I sell this guide for INR 249. However, you will get it for 100% FREE as a bonus from me if you opt for a paid plan of the Missinglettr tool.

All you need to do is, share the payment receipt on gururaj@learnsmm.com & I will send you the 100% OFF coupon code to get the email marketing guide. You need to share your payment receipt the same day for me to track it and share the bonus with you.

Have any queries?

Let me know in the comments section and I would be happy to help you.

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  1. I have known this author for over a year as a specialist in social media marketing….

    This Missinglettr plugin must definitely work as reviewed and recommended.

    I will give it shot.

    Thanks for the tips and your continuous solution-packed posts on social media marketing so far.

    • Hello Rahman,

      Thank you for your kind words about my blog. And I am sure you will find the tool helpful. Give it a try 🙂

  2. Hey Gururaj

    This is really a great post.

    In this highly competitive world where every sector is adapting automation to improve productivity, blogging is something where we need to automate several things also.

    This tool looks good with the features you described above and will definitely give a try soon.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hello Amit,

      You are 100% correct. Each and every blogger should think about automating tasks that can help him/her to save time, and increase productivity. And Missinglettr is one such tool with lot other features.

      I am sure you will find the tool helpful.

    • Hello Sayem,

      Great to know you are already using this tool. I am sure you are already driving traffic to your old posts from social media 🙂


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